This year I attended the Grand Prix of Diane in France. It is a French horse race which runs every June on the Chantilly racecourse near Paris.

There were about 30,000 people in attendance this year. It’s a race of 3 Year old fillies in an incredible atmosphere of sporting fervor and a very chic picnic.

It is considered the epitome of French elegance and distinction through its famous hat parade. This event was created in 1843.

The parade takes place in the infield of the race course. The infield is filled with people dressed in their eccentric outfits.
The chic ladies outfits were on display in the hopes of winning the title of Miss Grand Prix de Diane.

The ladies are styled in silky dresses and extravagant hats. The Grand Prix de Diane offers moments of grace that can only be found at this special venue in Chantilly.
The height of refinement of this event is the picnic. It is a tradition at the Grand Prix de Diane, which you can’t miss. Sitting on the green lawns of Chantilly in the festive atmosphere of this chic garden party was a great time. The sublime and delicious meals wait in elegant hatboxes filled with very refined dishes, and wonderful bottles of wine.

Attending the Grand Prix de Diane in France is a magical moment that must be experienced at least once in everyone’s life.