Information about Gedilva Targino

Today, Gedilva Targino is an undisputed reference in the art of the new chapellerie française. The constant exchange with other reputable French and London milliners and the research center she coordinates in her own atelier enable her to always be daring and innovative.

The art of working with hats comes from her long experience with the fashion business. At the age of 17, she left her hometown, Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, one of Brazil’s Midwest Region states, and headed to São Paulo, in the Southeast Region, where she focused on her academic formation and her career as a model.

Still quite young, she had the opportunity to become one of the Elite Agency portfolio models in the capital of São Paulo, with major photo assignments. Extremely dedicated to her work, soon after graduation she agreed to an excellent contract modeling in Manhattan, NY, where she lived for 10 years.

A citizen of the world, Gedilva not only came to know wonderful places, but enhanced her taste for fashion as well. It was on one of her frequent trips to Europe that she fell deeply in love with Parisian hats. She saw them as an object of fascination, and saw the possibilities to contribute her work by providing quality accessories, practically handcrafted, to women who, much like her, appreciate this feminine attire item.

In order to grow and bring innovation as a differentiator in the world of accessories, Gedilva launched her own brand: MAISON GEDILVA PARIS. In order to always remain in contact with the chapellerie française, today she lives in Bordeaux, a town about 3 hours from Paris, where she dedicates herself to her creations and sells her products, mainly through e-commerce.