Your Hat Cases

My desire was to create beautiful hat cases, cases that combine elegance, functionality and refinement. For this, I called upon my friend, the very talented Brazilian designer Gabriela Goldschmidt De La Fuente. The main design objective was to create an image that reference the G in the Gedilva logo, perfectly representing the brand signature. Gabriela created a sleek and dynamic design in two colors that created strong visual recognition of the brand. The motifs representing a stylized G, refer back to the logo to give a very aesthetically appealing look.

I wanted the hat cases to be fabricated in France. French craftsmanship represents the highest manufacturing quality and expertise in luxury items. I selected Multi Services Carton in Paris, who have specialized in producing luxury packaging for many years. Each of my cases is made exclusively by hand with flawless manufacturing quality.

I wanted a case that would be representative of the quality of my brand, and that matched the style and panache of the hat within the case. When you purchase a Gedilva designed hat, you will possess a high fashion and high quality hat and case set that will accompany you throughout your life.