Chapellerie Art by Gedilva Targino

A message from the designer:

The Brazilian people are known for their creativity in music, dance, and fashion. I’m proud to be Brazilian and to develop my work with originality, which makes my pieces stand out in the international scene. However, conceiving and designing a hat also requires technique and talent. For this reason, I try to follow and be close to major fashion labels and learn from them. The exchange of ideas and the research I perform in my atelier are reflected in each piece, which comes to life with the handling of special fabrics and skillful hands.

I participate in the preparation of each hat: I measure, prepare, and baste every one of them. My work arsenal includes wood blocks, an electric iron, many hairpins, and a thimble to produce unique pieces. It is delicate and time consuming work, but that is the only way to achieve a perfect finish, which is a priority at Maison Gedilva Paris.

With life’s current pace and dynamics, the hat has become a somewhat forgotten part of the female look. Now its return has helped regain a more charming way to dress. For this reason I try to create pieces that may be used by modern women. For me, being a milliner is about dressing culture and transforming ideas.